Hello, Blogging my old friend – I’ve come to talk to you again.

I’ve been here before – this really isn’t a first. Countless (4) times have I given starting a blog a go. Is it the busy-ness of life that draws me aways or is it the idleness of the individual?

The blogs have taken different forms over the years, with some silently disappearing so as not to generate embarrassment, others having just never quite moved on. In regards to Bellamy Blogs, we will just have to give time, to see how things develop. In my eyes, a blog is a place for the things that just can’t be summarised in 140 characters or less. The blog is a place to honestly and, despite a world now filled with anonymity, clearly state the thoughts and feelings that you rejoice in, or grapple you daily. It’s not just something to speak out from though, I fully expect the questions I don’t have the answers to – the ones that strike in the dead of night or half-way round a run in the park – to have their place here too.

Blogs have evaded me in the past and I don’t doubt that they will continue to do so in the future. It is less to say how I think, but more to see if there is anyone out there thinking the same. Are the things that concern me the same as those that concern my neighbour?

Time will tell, comments will tell, I however, shall write. (Hopefully.)


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